What is the SOS method?
SOS method is an inexpensive leasing method consisting of modular sized window screens, steel doors, and adjustable steel panels which are fitted on the outside of unoccupied property openings. Extensive improvement and experimenting went into creating this method to secure vacant properties. The exceptional design of the method consents of a wide range of on-site adjustments and attaching methods to accommodate all opening dimensions. Constructed from 16 gauge cold rolled steel, using the most advanced industrialized techniques, our method is extremely resistant against attack.
Who installs and removes SOS Screens and Doors?
SOS installers carry out all installations and removals. We have an extensive assortment of products at our warehouses, guaranteeing that the equipment is always correctly fitted.
Why SOS and not plywood?
Trespassers can and DO smash all the way through plywood with no difficulty. SOS window screens and steel doors are just about impossible to breach or force open, which means you prevent the cost of stolen equipment, the cost of repairing damages, and the cost of putting up more plywood. In addition, you avoid other risks of injury from plywood. Plywood obstructs easy escape in an emergency, jeopardizes personnel with sharp protruding nails, with plywood there is no natural light, and plywood makes for dangerous surroundings. Also, by using the SOS method, you prevent fires starting from plywood. The most important fact is that the SOS method saves you time and money. Why spend effortless hours dealing with the dilemma from protecting empty buildings and homes by using plywood. SOS is your solution-the strongest, safest and most cost-effective method developed for securing all your vacant properties.
How does the SOS method promote a quicker property sale?
The SOS method improves the property's curb appeal and neighborhood image. All doors and screens are flush and secured for a snug fit, projecting a well managed and cared-for look. Controlled doors and window screens let lighting and air in, enhancing the showing experience for real estate agents and soon-to-be buyers.