Steel Doors


Keyless Doors

SOS has the best steel security door! (Period), Formed in 16 gauge powder coated cold rolled steel for toughness, it provides easy graffiti removal and resistance to attacks due to our new manufacturing techniques. The SOS door will prevent illegal intrusion. We are capable to fit any size door opening with adjustments to our door on site. Our Keyless Security Door eliminates supplying wrong keys and giving your clients repeated access to unoccupied homes and vacant buildings.Also, the property sustains a fresh look so that it is more appealing to purchasers or renters.Door

  • If authorized, it takes only seconds to access
  • No more lost or wrong keys
  • Reduce personal liability.
  • Master Code for official personnel needing access to empty properties.
  • Sub-codes are available for Owners/Real Estate Agents
  • Fits existing door frames, keep vandals from causing damage
  • With interior bolting door, your guests are safe after access into the property
  • Guarantee personal safety by using the spy hole to view outside area before leaving

The SOS keyless door provides fast access to authorized guests and protects your estate, all of which can lead to quick rental or purchase and save you money.