Steel Windows


16-Gauge Steel Window Screens

SOS modular window screens present an exceptional propose that makes them Windowexceptionally resourceful. The screen is a tough, but basic, folded, steel plate with a perforated face for light filtration and ventilation. Depending on the window type, we have assortment of installing methods available to attach the basic screen. SOS uses an adaptable, steel window screen to secure large and irregularly-sized windows in empty properties. Corrugated screens ensure that your vacant building or home will not show any exposed window glass. With the word “Security” clearly visible on the unit, many intruders will instantly be discouraged from trying to break and enter the building.

  • Multiple perforations allow natural light access and ventilation
  • No damage to the vacant building from nails or screws during installation.
  • Interlocking security screen means no holes and no damage
  • Flush fitting screens prevent gaps and leverage spots, increasing the protection against crowbars
  • Heavy-gauge, rust-resistant construction provides aesthetically pleasing security
  • Design maximizes safe viewing and working conditions in property
  • powder coating allows easy removal of graffiti