Why SOS?


SOSlogoRedtiny2 Heavy 16-Gauge Steel

The Only Method for Securing your Empty Property

SOS Screens and Doors are Far Superior than Plywood

Intimidating Strengthconstruction

  • The perforated, solid window screens provide you security against break-ins, and will allow light and air to enter so that authorized individuals can walk around at ease inside.
  • The keyless door protects property entrances and offers you controlled access, still oppose force from lawbreakers.
  • The door and window screen fit securely over any size opening, taking away the thieves options to break into your building.
  • The eye-catching color enhances your unoccupied property’s look.

Manage with Ease

  • The building will not be damaged as our window screens and doors, bolts onto your building, not into the building.
  • Our professionals will install service, and remove the steel doors and steel window protection.
  • You lease SOS steel doors and steel window screens, which will provide you inexpensive protection from intruders.
  • Go GREEN with SOS security. We reuse all of our equipment. Waste isn’t an option withSOS security.

Minimal Cost

  • You lease our screens & doors, meaning you only pay while security is needed for your empty property. SOS installs, services, and removes your window screens and doors.
  • We assure you that our steel screens & doors protect and will prevent criminals and intruders from entering the property and causing thousands in repairs and legal responsibility. No damage inside the property or stolen appliances, and no fire damage caused by intruders.

SOS security will act in accordance with the most stern city ordinance governing empty property

Better Alternative than Plywood

Intruders will destroy and brake through plywood; it’s done all the time. When protecting your unoccupied property consider:Before and After

  • Expenditure: The SOS window screens & doors prevent intruders. Period.
  • End result:  You only pay for the months you want your building secured.
  • Expediency: Our trained teams will install the doors and screens, and remove them as you request it. The SOS screens allow light and air to enter, allowing contractors and guests to easily work inside of the property.
  • End result: Only SOS offers the BEST security for your empty property and friendly surroundings for authorized guests.
  • Protection: The authorized guests remain protected inside of a SOS secured building. An interior-locking door with a peephole guarantees that you are not caught off guard by criminals. Steel doors and windows screens stop teenagers and vandals from entering your building and creating expensive setbacks.
  • End result: SOS can give you the assurance and peace of mind that your property stays safe and secure.

The SOS system consists of:

  • steel security doors
  • various-sized, window screens
  • adjustable steel panels for windows and doors